Sex can actually be the thing you need right now!

Sex can actually be the thing you need right now!

Well, it may not be one but what if all you need right now is a short-term fix. There are many, many troublesome situations which sex can successfully help you get rid of. Read them here.

IMPORTANCE OF FOREPLAY IN SEX A blunder which many people commit is not indulging in foreplay at all or not for long enough before sex. Usually, it is stereotyped that it is only women who need to indulge in foreplay. However, that is not the case. Even men’s sex lives can significantly get better if they indulge in foreplay.

We often say that sex is not the long-term solution

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Foreplay has many, many benefits. Not only foreplay leads to better sex, it is also a great physical as well emotional bonder. Studies have shown when you and your partner indulge in proper foreplay, it leads to longer sex and a better orgasm. In fact, even if you are masturbating, allowing yourself proper arousal is important as even then, it can impact the quality of your orgasm and overall satisfaction.

THINGS TO DO AND NOT TO DO DURING SEX There are things which men and women love in bed. Wondering what your guy likes and dislikes? Here’s a look at what you should and should not do if you are dating a man.

Dos if you are dating a man Take charge and be direct. Men love it when their partners are all up for it and have the confidence to ask for it directly.

Be confident. We know that everyone has qualms about the way their bodies look. You may not be very confident about the scar at your back or about the hair on your thighs, but that’s only human. If you are confident, it will be all fine.

And most importantly, communicate about your fantasies. The more open you are about them, the more open he will be about them. When you both discuss about what you like and dislike, about what you would want and so on, sex will always be good.

Don’ts if you are dating a man Don’t talk about babies. Sure, that may be what is going on in your mind but live in the moment and enjoy the act of sex rather than planning your family when you are better orgasming. Daha fazlasını oku