The connection anywhere between Korea, The japanese, the us and Germany

The connection anywhere between Korea, The japanese, the us and Germany

However they notice just possess I live, I research more powerful than ever

At that time, Jesus wanted to comprehend the Religious business grafted completely into the Messiah. Nevertheless messianic world was declined and dumped of Religious world and had to begin anew inside the a far-distant position, reconstructing the desired foundation. During the time, I went voluntarily in order to Northern Korea and you can wound-up inside prison. You’ll find nothing lower or maybe more unhappy. People thought i would pass away since was is virtually impractical to survive such as for example requirements. Therefore it had been good crucifixion in my situation, one which I wanted to go through rather than passing away. In place of dropping my disciples at that moment, I achieved her or him. Jesus’ public existence endured 2 yrs and you may 7 months. I invested once period in prison, wearing in the place of losing disciples.

Upon the new victory out-of my personal jail sense, I could allege the origin towards the fatherland. After becoming liberated because of the Us pushes, I sent Mr. Chun Hwa Pak 600 kilometers away from Northern in order to Southern area Korea. People commonly actually capable go beyond their own means, however, I presented the newest example of providing anybody else by the holding Mr. Pak for the point.

On the basic months, individuals have accused me personally and also tried to kill me personally. Meanwhile, I found myself providing people. I was always starving because the I was always giving my food and cash in order to other people – because of their college costs, getting medical debts, and so forth. Which is how i come, regarding tribal and you will federal level.

Because they did not take on the new Messiah, the newest Religious world is actually exceeded plus encompassed by the satanic forces; as a result of this it de– clined. Today the brand new Unification Chapel are rebuilding the fresh new Christian foundation, thinking of moving the worldwide top. Daha fazlasını oku